Care free Luis Banuelos jumped into a dumpster in Southern California 23 years ago set him on a musical path to Austin Texas. He saw only broken furniture and cardboard as he flew in the junk heap to hide from his brothers while playing hide and seek.  Punggg!!  Luis dug into the castoffs to find the source of the mystery sound a battered guitar.


Who would’ve known that the guitar happened to be a sigma model by Martin that would eventually have led Banuelos on a years long hard luck journey to Austin.


Luis moved to Austin sight unseen, another music junkie drawn to the city culture of embracing self starting artists. Some build a loyal following, some need a day job and some, like Banuelos, end up making a musical living.


Banuelos is a self-taught Spanish style guitarist who’s music is influenced by Flamenco, latin-jazz, Hip-Hop, Motown, R&B, Rock, Heavy Metal and middle eastern sitar flavors, He calls it Flamenco Fusion.


On January 11th 2009 he arrived in Austin to pursue his dream of performing live and being a part of the Austin music scene.

"I had nothing." said Banuelos, "I want to start my life all over out here in Austin, because this is my dream and I need to do something with my gift. There is a fire in me to do this, a passion I didn’t put inside of me, I was born with it and I can’t ignore or deny it."


He found every open mic in the city and signed up to play. He offered to perform every benefit and fundraising event he could find. 

Just a few months in and he was already playing shows with Del Castillo, Vallejo and was performing regular weekly shows at Lamberts downtown Bbq, Annies, Halcyon cafe, Qua ultra lounge and Geisha room. Today you can catch him performing at Whisler's every Friday and Saturday from 8:30-10pm.